Made in New York City’s fashion epicenter, the Fashion District, Deborah Elle belts showcase magnificent craftsmanship and are constructed with genuine leather and suede.  These belts epitomize effortless chic, elevating any look from work to weekend, all year round.  The designer believes that one great accessory can bring your wardrobe to a whole new level.  Deborah Elle belts are an absolute closet essential.

The Deborah Elle concept was inspired by a love of fashion – particularly a love of accessories.  Designer Deborah Oshry spent years working at Dress for Success in Boston, helping to style women and coordinate the organization’s volunteer program. While speaking at various events about the way that women should dress in today’s changing workforce, the importance of belts and accessories became very evident.  Unfortunately, she found it difficult to follow the trend of incorporating enough belts into her wardrobe due to the sheer fact that she could not find many belts in the Boston area that she particularly liked enough to own.

As such, an idea was born.  Deborah took pencils to hand (along with a sketch pad) and worked on creating her own belts to fill a void.  The ideas flowed, and soon she had 20 different sketches, ranging from simplistic belts to the most intricate of designs.

She narrowed her sketches down and decided that what she really wanted to see was belts made with eye-catching leathers that would compliment a variety of clothing and trends – belts that could not only transition from season to season, but could be worn with many different looks…

In a time where people are more selective on how and what they spend their money on, Deborah wanted to create belts that were versatile.  Belts that were worth investing in.  Deborah Elle belts are for any woman who has her own style, for any woman who wants to update her wardrobe with the perfect accessory, and for any woman who revels in the art of fashion.  Please view the collection online and feel free to fill out the contact form with any questions you may have.